Heelwork To Music and Canine Freestyle Events and Competitions

Rivergate Photography have been covering some Heelwork to Music (HTM) and Freestyle venues/events for a few years now and have now brought these together as a collection. It makes it easier for you to find them now and helps us to catagorise them.

Most of the Heelwork to Music and Freestyle events are indoors; these events often have much lower lighting levels than a photographer would prefer and as a result we have needed to use much higher sensitivity imaging. While we have used flash in the past, this can be distracting for the dogs and their partners and so we do try and limit this.

All images are available as prints or on a variety of products. Photobooks are also available, see here for more details; they really are quite stunning!! Please contact us about these as we will need to arrange the images on the pages for you.

The online purchasing of images on this site is intended for personal use only, this means that they are for you

Digital images are also available to purchase for your website, all we ask is that you have "Copyright Rivergate Photography" next to the image.

If you would like to use the images for any commercial purposes, for example in a book, magazine, or on a company/business website, you need to contact us for a licence, contact us here. High resolution digital files are also available for editorial or commercial use, please contact us here for further details.


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For the technical people; while we use an f2.8 lens we have needed to increase the ISO, up to 3200 at times. If you request a larger print, say around A4 and above, you may notice some slight 'grain' in the image; this is also called digital noise. If you are considering a large scale print, contact us first and we will endeavour to do some more work on the image in our studio to reduce this where possible.

With regard to photography in public places, please see this document and this document. The photographs are taken for the purposes of supporting, developing and enjoying the sport. If you would rather that photographs of your routine be omitted from these archives, please email us with the event and image numbers and we will have them removed at the next available opportunity.

Concerning copyright, as the author of a photograph - that is, the person who creates it - a freelance photographer is, Under UK law, the first owner of the copyright in it. Under UK law, only the copyright owner can licence the copying of a photograph. That means reproducing the work in any material form, which includes storing the work in any medium by electronic means.

Regarding moral rights, the important moral rights are the right to object if your work is distorted - to defend its "integrity" - and the right to an accurate credit/reference. These are obviously important to protecting and spreading your reputation.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 made moral rights explicit for the first time in UK law. The exact rights are:

  • the right to be identified as the author of the work;
  • the right to object to false attribution of the work; and
  • the right to object to "derogatory treatment" of the work - also referred to as the right to protect the integrity of the work.

In plain English, photographers have the rights to a credit, to prevent anyone else claiming authorship, and to protect the authenticity of their photographs. This last is particularly important now that computer technology makes digital manipulation so easy and so hard to detect.


The photographs on this site are the work of Rivergate Photography and are protected under UK and International copyright laws.

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